About the Company

We have been part of the process of moving turf and landscape from conventional management practices to a natural approach in a variety of situations and at different levels. We have the technical expertise to apply the principles and practices of natural turf management in the field. It is an approach backed by sound science that responds to the need for a safer and healthier landscape from both the environmental and human health perspective.

Our approach to turf management involves creating a system that integrates three concepts:

1. The use of natural, organic products as dictated by soil testing

2. An understanding of the soil and its biomass

3. Sound cultural practices.

We have developed the Systems Approach to Natural Turf Management™. It is this approach that is fundamentally different from the conventional product approach.

Osborne Organics, LLC provides educational opportunities in the form of in-depth trainings to both landscape contractors and the municipal sector in natural turf methods. We have conducted programs in various regions of the country with the goal of assisting in growing the knowledge base in the field of natural turf management. These seminars are presented to large audiences or customized to small individual groups.

One of the unique capabilities of Osborne Organics is the ability to discuss the concept of healthy turf and landscapes with groups ranging from homeowners to politicians and municipal and private sector grounds staff to decision makers. With fifteen years experience in the arena of turf and sustainability from the environmental and public health perspective, we have amassed a body of knowledge that supports the mission of the company.

When turf and landscape management programs are designed to address the move from a conventional approach to a natural one, there is a period of time involved known as the transition period. We have created different levels of management whereby we can determine the cultural intensity required to meet expectations of the client and at the same time work within budget constraints. Those clients with whom we have formally worked over the past two years are in varying degrees of the transition. Osborne Organics has responded to requests from a diverse group of clients, both large and small.