About Chip Osborne

Chip Osborne speaks about Naturally Sustaining TurfCharles “Chip” Osborne, Jr., President of Osborne Organics, LLC, and Founder of the Organic Landscape Association has over 10 years experience in creating safe, sustainable and healthy athletic fields and landscapes through natural turf management and 35 years experience as a professional horticulturist. As a wholesale and retail nurseryman, he has first-hand experience with the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides routinely used in landscape and horticultural industry. Personal experience led him to believe there must be a safer way to grow plants. His personal investigation, study of conventional and organic soil science practices, and hands-on experimentation led him to become one of the country’s leading experts on growing sustainable, natural turf.

Along the path to greening his own industry practices, Chip became a regular lecturer for the Northeast Organic Farming Association, a board member of Beyond Pesticides, Chairman of the Marblehead, Massachusetts’ Recreation and Parks Department, and speaker nationwide on the topic of turf management for athletic fields and landscapes. He speaks to a wide audience of sports field professionals, state and municipal agencies, and community groups. In 1998 Chip and Pat Beckett, co-founded The Living Lawn Project in Marblehead, MA, one of the country’s first natural lawn demonstration sites. It is a nationally-recognized, living example that beautiful, healthy grass can be grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  He remains a dedicated environmental activist speaker for communities wanting to learn about why and how to change their town policies.