Seminar Series – Lawn & Turf Professionals, Municipalities

Osborne Organics, LLC has developed training programs for the landscape professional. The focus is to present the Systems Approach to Natural Lawn and Turf Management™. Our philosophy is that if landscape contractors learn the protocols, practices, and procedures of natural lawn care, they can fill a need in the industry and position themselves to capture a growing share of the market.

We believe that the current level of education surrounding natural lawns and turf is the most limiting factor in widespread acceptance of these practices. We will reach out to strategic partners around the country to sponsor our program. The only involvement needed will be assisting in promotion and spreading the information to local industry professionals.

The knowledge of natural lawn care practices enables the professional to respond to a client’s request for chemical and synthetic-free lawn care. By arming themselves with the proper information, the lawn care professional can interact intelligently with the client and build an organic lawn care business or create a new profit center in an existing business.

Osborne Organics offers a two day training program that covers the aspects of lawn care, turfgrass culture, and maintenance from an organic perspective.

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