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I receive so many questions related to the field of organic lawn care and natural turf management that I just had to create a forum (outside of my seminars and professional industry consulting) where I can provide the answers to your biggest questions and concerns.

Some of my favorite questions have to do with specific challenges you’ve had on a project or on your own home. We can all learn from addressing real life issues on real life projects. If many of you have the same questions I’ll consolidate them in to one response.

Use the form below to send me your question.

Include all the relevant details and be prepared if I need follow up information to formulate the best answer. Sometimes the answering process requires a little detective work!

*By forwarding your question you agree to receive emails from me and Osborne Organics. I could have a follow up to your question or I might have some information I think you will find valuable. You also agree to have your question posted to my blog or used in other content that I create and distribute for free or for sale.

I may not be able to respond to every question but I will certainly try. Your privacy is important to me so rest assured I will never share your email address.

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