Municipal Turf Management of Sports fieldsWith all the information recently in the news about GMOs and the affects of chemicals on the environment and on us, it’s no wonder that turf and landscape professionals have said they would embrace and practice natural lawn care if they “only knew how.”

As a company whose mission is to provide education and strategies to address questions about a less toxic approach to lawn, turf and landscape care, Osborne Organics offers 2-day organic lawn care training sessions which help people learn how to implement a natural approach versus conventional, product –focused approaches.

Learning Objectives for Osborne Organics 2-day training sessions:

  • To gain an understanding of a systems approach versus a conventional product centered approach
  • To gain a complete understanding of how a systems-based approach to natural turf management allows us to meet expectations
  • To begin to think in terms of creating a healthy, biologically active soil as the basis for a successful program
  • To understand the concept of putting a series of preventative steps in place within a turf system so that problems do not get out of control
  • To become aware of and understand what an EPA 25b product is and how it works
  • To become aware of the concept of organic Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • To become aware of the difference between synthetic fertilizers and natural, organic fertilizers and to understand the concept of fertilizing through the biomass
  • To understand that when we talk about fertility the concept that “less is more” should be adhered to

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